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Troubleshooting MS office problems with MS office diagnostics

Microsoft Office is an application developed and marketed by a Microsoft. It was launched on 1 August 1988. From its launching, there is lots of advancement in Microsoft office. The first version of office was having Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft PowerPoint. Now it comes with more features like common spell checker, Microsoft Outlook, OLE data integration, etc. 

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Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager and online Email service provider application. It is one of the best Email service providers in the world. Most professional prefer Outlook for sending Emails throughout the world. 

MS diagnostics is an inside tool in Microsoft office which helps the users to find a particular problem creating a problem in Microsoft office. 

There are some users who face difficulties while using an MS office. This article will summarize some simple steps to troubleshoot common problems of MS office with the help of MS diagnostics. 

To find the problem, MS diagnostics goes through the following scans- 

·         Diagnostic setup- To find the cause of a problem, MS diagnostic first scan all the files for virus and for the wrong installation. This test is important for finding a cause behind a problem. This test might take 15 to 20 minutes. 

·         Disk Diagnostic- This test is to check the hard disk of the computer. This test ensures the users about the hard disk of the computer, it helps to find whether the hard disk is correct or it is crashed.   

·         Memory Diagnostics- This test is important to check the stability of the RAM. 

·         Diagnostic update- This test is very important to find the problem as it checks the computer and office whether they are available with all updates. The latest version of office suites solves the problem up to great extent. 

·         Compatibility diagnostic- Sometimes it happens that a user is available with different versions of the same office application, this might be creating a problem. Diagnostic test checks for this and provides the solutions. 

·         To diagnose the MS office, follow the given points- 

Ø  To open the MS office diagnostic, go to MS office tool and click on ms word support number   

Ø  After clicking on the Microsoft office diagnostic, a window will appear on the screen with the message indicating a user that a test can take up to 15 minutes, click on continue. 

Ø  After clicking on continue, a message will appear on the screen with a message indicating about various tests that will be carried out. Tap on Run diagnostic. 

Ø  After clicking on Run diagnostic, a test will begin and will indicate a user about the corrupted files. 

Ø  After the diagnostic test, results will display on the screen. Click on the continue option given at the bottom of the result window. Clicking on continue option will direct a user to a page containing Microsoft vast problems along with their solutions. A user can follow the given instructions to solve the issue.   

If the problem doesn’t get solved click on the given link- 





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