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Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox: The Fastest Web Browsers

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most useful web browsers for Microsoft Windows in the world. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the faster browsers than Explorer and  Safari. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox take some seconds for installing on your system.  

Now I am going to tell about  Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

•    Google Chrome: The Fastest Web Browser-  Google Chrome is an extremely fast web browser. Google Chrome displays and loads pages very quickly. The user can drag tabs out into separate windows, without difficulty and back in again with his mouse. Chrome browser has a very basic, simple design, making this easy to use the web browser. The start-up page lists the most frequent pages the user has visited and allows the user to click and access them. Google Chrome translates the pages into a language the user understands for his convenience. The user can search the internet through his address bar in Google Chrome at any time. This browser provides the Incognito window for working. It is very useful for the users. Google Chrome uses the RAM’s memory of the computer system through running this web browser. The user works then the Chrome browser stopped suddenly, then the user will run this browser again and after that, the user will access those pages easily to click on the option of Restore Pages. Then the user can begin to start work on those web pages. It is also the specialty of Chrome browser.

•    Mozilla Firefox:

The Fastest Web Browser- Firefox is the third most used browser in the world. Mozilla Firefox is considered as the fastest web browser for downloading and this browser has been at the forefront of web browser security. It is introducing numerous features that protect the users from viruses and phishing schemes.  It has some advanced security measures. These guard against the spyware and viruses. Mozilla Firefox includes a powerful pop-up blocker and strong authentication protocols. These prevent the attackers from running unauthorized code when the users are browsing.  This browser has multi-tab feature for easy multitasking. It is known as private browsing. It allows the users to browse the internet without saving cookies or history. The users are browsing safely and it provides the security for saving the malware and phishing attacks. The users can add more than 6000 extensions and 5000 themes in Mozilla Firefox.

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