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Cisco Systems, a company which produces varieties of routers with varying features. Thus, if you are going to purchase Cisco Router, here is a guide about "how to know which Cisco Router is best for you".

Cisco Systems is an American Technology Incorporated which produces numbers of Networking Equipment like switches, wireless systems, etc.

Cisco produces a range of Routers, that's why if you are going to purchase Cisco Router, then you must know how to know which Cisco Router is best for you. Here is a guide to help you to select right router for you:

1. There are two main types in which Cisco Router can be classified:

                       a) Branch Router

                       b) Network Edge Router

Select one of the types.


2. If you choose Branch Router, then think about whether you need a physical or cloud-based router.

Then give a thought that whether you need hardware flexibility and do you want SM slots or not.


3.But if you need Network-Edge Router, then think about whether you need IPsec/Macsec.And if you need IPsec/MACsec then understand how much encryption throughput(Gbps IMIX) you want in your router otherwise then analyze your requirement of System throughput.


Based on each criterion, Cisco has a router which fulfills the selected requirements.

By following the above steps, you can choose the best router for you.

For your ease, here I'm providing a list of some Cisco Routers, which can fulfill your requirement:

1. Cisco Cloud Service Router 1000V Series

If you want virtual router belongs to any of the above mentioned two categories, this one is best for you.It comprises single-tenant software router in the virtual form factor.It helps your enterprise to extend a WAN to their off-premises clouds.

2. Cisco ASR 1002-X

This is Cisco's first option for you if you want a network edge physical router with IPsec/MACsec within the range up to 10 Gbps System Throughput. This router provides embedded services for the enterprise and service provider who networks in a 2 RU form factor.It is integrated with RP, ESP, and SIP.It also supports software redundancy without redundant hardware.

3. Cisco 4351 ISR

This is Cisco's first option for you if you want a branch physical router with hardware flexibility as well as with SM slots of medium size.This router belongs to the Cisco 4000 ISR Series.It provides up to 400 Mbps performance with a 2 RU form factor, 3 NIM slots and 2 SM slots. 

4. Cisco 880 ISR Series

This is Cisco's first choice if you want a branch physical router but without hardware flexibility and SM slots which can connect 10-20 users in a network.This router combines varieties of services which include Internet access, security, voice, and wireless service onto a single and secure device. It could be used in Small businesses or enterprise's small branch offices and teleworkers to connect a small number of users.

 To know about any other type of router or to get tech help for your Cisco Router contact us at our Cisco Router Customer Support Numbers.

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