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Gmail sign in problems

Gmail sign in problems

Gmail is a supported Email service developed by Google. Gmail stands for Google Mail. Users can access the Gmail through their mobile phones or through their computers. Using Gmail through the phone saves a lot of time, it’s very easy to use Gmail on phone. Most of the professionals use Gmail for the purpose of communication all around the world. Gmail is one of the most successful applications of the Google. Almost all people around the world make use of Gmail. 

Though it is very easy to use, some new users face some problems during Gmail login. To solve this problem, Google has launched new service called Gmail support service. This service will provide the solution of all the technical problems that a user faces during the use of Gmail. 

This article will summarize the solution of some common problems that a user faces during login into a Gmail account. 

Wrong password- Gmail username and the password are the two things that are required to access the Gmail account. Sometimes it happens that user forgets its password and this unable the user to access his account. 

It’s very easy to set the new password when a user forgets its old password. Just click on the option Help shown on the screen. After clicking, two options will come on the screen. First one is I forget my password and second one is I forget my Username. Click on I forget my password, you will be asked to select the mode to receive the verification code. A user can receive a verification code through a Phone call or through a message. Enter a verification code, after entering the code you will be directed to a page where you are asked to enter a new password and to confirm it. After entering the new password you will be directed to your Gmail account. Now you are available with your new Gmail password. 


Invalid username- Every particular user of Gmail account have a different username and it should be entered during login into the account. The procedure to recover the new user name is very much similar to the procedure used to recover the new password. 

To recover the new username just go to Login page and click on help. After clicking select the mode of receiving the verification code, enter it and set the new username. Now are available with your new user name. 

Not able to sign in- Many times it happens that a user is available with the correct username and correct password but still he is not able to access his Gmail account. The reason for this might be that Google has suspended your account. The reason for suspended account may be that you have not followed Google policies or have not used your account for a long time. 

The procedure to restore an account is very simple, just submit a request by filling My account is disabled form. 

These were the common problems that a face during accessing the account. 


For any tech support regarding the problems of Gmail account click on Gmail customer support. 


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